Leading Wild Sensuality Siren & Pleasure Activator, Lisa Joy Stromsmoe, presents

Alive With Pleasure!

It’s time for you to powerfully choose what you want, divine woman…

When people talk about their desires or being deeply connected, do you feel like you don’t know what that means?

Together we’ll awaken your senses and unearth your desires so that you can connect to your original essence before the world told you how to be. Become a sensual sovereign, fully alive in your pleasure body, who gets what she wants with passion and purpose.

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If you’re ready to lean into and clarify your most present and alive desire for creating more pleasure in your life, I invite you to book in for a free 30-minute Sensuality Siren Chat. You’ll leave the call feeling deeply connected to your desire and your body, knowing exactly what to do next to step into your vision of pleasure.

Select your time now so we can map out how to get you what you want. Let’s do this! There are no pushy sales, just a heart-to-heart where we’ll talk about where you are now and where you want to be. Select your preferred time below and we’ll get you set for your session. Limited spots are available.

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what it would feel like to…

Wild Reviews

Lisa guided me through a lovely pleasure body activation on our call. I was able to totally immerse myself into a blissful meditative state where I could get in touch with all of my senses. Wow!

This allowed me to connect to my deepest desires, giving me the lazer clarity I needed to manifest this into my reality. I felt grounded and energetically revitalized, ready to receive abundance and love into my life and my being. I really needed this to get back on track. Thank you!

Sonna Johns, Soul-Truth Embodiment Coach

When we connected, I felt all over the place in my mind and Lisa started out the call with a meditation. When we finished the meditation I felt so grounded and the energy from the bottom of my feet was anchoring me. The one thing that I noticed was how calm and clear in my mind I felt. The unique way of combining the seasons into the meditation and into Lisa’s unique work is just brilliant. Thank you, Lisa.

Kuve, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

I received so many downloads from Lisa’s activation call! I was surprised when all of my senses were engaged, how quickly and deeply I dropped into my body. And how potent the messages were. This one session really helped me understand that all of my answers really do come from within and that I can genuinely trust myself! Thank you for this gift and guidance, Lisa!

Elly Hamilton, Where the Wild Women Grow Podcast

Lisa is such an amazing facilitator! Our first call together really allowed me to dive deeply into myself to uncover what I truly desire. She guided me with sensitivity, honoring, and a feeling of being truly held and seen. I felt transported into my own vision of love and desire and my whole body lit up from within. If that’s just our first session, I’m so excited to see what happens in our next call. Thank you, Lisa, for being such a beautiful and safe space for me to open up to me!

Robin Decker, IG @heartactivatedmom

About Lisa...

Just coming of age, Lisa lost her mom to cancer. She became wildly independent to avoid burdening others. Lisa planted thousands of trees and immersed herself in culturally-rich mountainscapes, becoming an accredited Environmental Scientist. From the outside, she had it all – a 6-figure corporate job funding her master’s degree, a husband with an accent, a baby on the way and a corner house with a white freaking picket fence. On the inside, however, she was dried up and desolate. Lisa’s masculine-driven job and sexless marriage were total pleasure killers and she lost the passionate vibrancy for life that she once exuded.

At 6 months pregnant, Lisa discovered that she was scared shitless of becoming a motherless mom and joined her first virtual women’s circle. With sweaty pits and shaky hands on the first call, Lisa experienced the power of being in a sacred space where she was seen, heard and valued just as she was. As she continued on her path to self-discovery, her husband walked out of their marriage. Their separation brought up the pain of losing her mother tenfold. Lisa felt abandoned on all levels and her circle of sisters held her as she fell into darkness.

With the support of women in a safe container, Lisa learned that she had been detached from her femininity for decades. Being an earth sign ruled by Venus, it’s no wonder that she felt dried up from a lack of sensuality and pleasure. Lisa dove deep into loving all parts of herself and became a Soulful Life Coach and Master Circle Facilitator driven by the belief that when women step into their sexual sovereignty, Mother Nature rejoices.

Having reclaimed her sensuality, pleasure body, and called in her tiger, Lisa shows women how to awaken their passions, undress from societal expectations and embrace the nakedness of their essential nature in her private and group programs.

Are you ready to claim pleasure as your birthright?